We started with a closet full of hoodies.

In 2020 founder, Jen DeAngelis, found herself dressed exclusively in loungewear as did much of the world. Yet, Jen couldn’t find loungewear that looked as good as it felt. So she did the only obvious thing: she started selling hoodies out of her closet. With the help of a few viral TikTok videos 1987 sold out of its first season and we’ve been selling out ever since. Usually minutes post-drop. 

1987 is a Boston-based limited edition loungewear company. We’re dedicated to creating the coolest loungewear on the market that actually makes you look wicked good. Our tailored waists and cropped fits will make you rethink everything you know about hoodies. 

Unlike most high fashion brands, we democratize the process by asking (not telling) our fans what they want. Join the conversation @1987label on Instagram and TikTok. 

Oh, you want to know more?

1987's HQ is located in The Boston Seaport and the brand is Boston-inspired, with all names and colors mirroring Boston places and vernacular. You could say we’re a little obsessed with Beantown, but then again, who isn’t? So why Boston? Jen is a fourth-generation DeAngelis living in Massachusetts, her great grandparents settled just outside of Boston after immigrating from Italy. So really where better to launch the American dream?