Why are you ALWAYS sold out? 

We are a limited edition company, meaning we only drop each style/color combination once. When these items sell out we do not restock them, but do bring out the same styles in new, fresh hues. 

When do you drop? 

We drop Fridays at 10am et. We highly recommend signing on a few minutes before a drop to ensure you snag the item you want. We sell out in literal minutes -- sometimes even seconds. 

How do I get the item I want? 

We know how frustrating it can be when you miss out! We highly encourage you to sign up for our text program (visit 1987label.com and wait for the pop up to subscribe) which will alert you when we drop. 

When will you restock?

We don't restock the same style/color twice, but we do bring back the same styles in new colors. We drop most every Friday at 10am et. The best way to get your hands on the item is to sign up for our texts which will alert you of our drops. Visit 1987label.com and wait for the pop up to subscribe. 

Do you offer discounts?

If you sign up for our text program you will receive 10% off your first order and periodic offers. Visit 1987label.com and wait for the pop up to subscribe. We also have the '87 List which is our rewards program. Tap the purse icon on the bottom of this page to sign up. 

I received a notification from an Instagram account that is not @1987label, is that you? 

No. We only have one account @1987label on Instagram and TikTok. All other accounts are spam and should be reported.

How do I redeem points from the ‘87 List? 

Visit 1987label.com and click the purse icon at the bottom of the site. Sign into your account using the login information you signed up with (i.e. the same email address). Once you’re signed in you will see all of your purchases listed and again tap the purse icon. Select “ways to redeem” and click through that flow; once you confirm redemption you will receive a code for your dollars earned.

How do I wash my hoodie? 

We recommend a machine wash with similar colors and cold water (we advise using a tablespoon of detergent per load to keep the colors bright). We only advise using high heat in the dryer if you don’t mind a bit of shrinkage (cotton will shrink in high heat). Otherwise we recommend air drying paired with a no-heat or low-heat tumble cycle to bring back the fluff!

How thick are your hoodies?

The answer is: it depends! See our style guide here which depicts the thickness of each of our styles.

Other questions

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